Daily Meditation for January 18, 2024

In his time and place, John the Baptist was a major celebrity. Crowds thronged to see and hear him as he preached and baptized at the Jordan River. One can imagine a New York Times headline: “Preacher Enthralls His Admirers.” And rightly so. For John knew his calling, his role in extolling an even bigger celebrity (though at that point, not yet in the spotlight), his cousin, Jesus. John, a humble man, knew his status and his task: being a spokesperson for Jesus, pointing him out as the longed-for Savior. Like John, each of us has a role to play—with skills and talents we are given or hone through effort. And, like John, we accept that role, giving ourselves wholeheartedly to our tasks. In humility and with recourse to God’s loving care, no role is too daunting, and we can undertake our tasks with confidence and hope.

By Carol Berg, OSB