Daily Meditation for January 10, 2024

The offering of first fruits to God is a key religious concept found throughout the Bible. The Israelites brought their first harvest yield to the temple priests, and God blessed all that came afterward. This concept was expanded later in Scripture to include any wealth or blessings that a Christian has received. “Let us give to God the first hours of our day, the first month of the year, the first of our increase, the first in every area of our life. When you give the first, God governs the rest and redeems it” (Paula White). What first fruits do you have to give? Volunteering may be the way to make the offering. A talented cook could donate a meal regularly at a homeless shelter. First fruits might be financial: giving part of investment earnings, tax refunds or a bonus to a church or charity. The idea of first fruits is still relevant—it just takes new imagination and vision from us.

By Mary Jackle, OSB