Daily Meditation for January 9, 2024

All we really need to know about celebrating the Christmas holiday season is that we owe Someone a big thank you because everything we need comes to us from outside of us. Whether poor or rich, most of us do, on occasion, resort to the pity of “poor me,” but the feast of Christmas is a reminder we are called to be grateful for everything given, for family, for food, for whatever we have that brings life to us. To break through the temptation to wish for more, to yearn for something different, gratitude can free us to look to what has already been given. Another good way to turn the page to gratitude is to think of someone among our acquaintances that has a need and consider what I can do to fulfill that need. Often it is the need for a friend, a companion, for someone to visit. Sometimes a listening ear is the best gift.

By Josue Behnen, OSB