Daily Meditation for January 8, 2024

Early in John’s Gospel, we find Jesus being trailed by two men who ask him: “Where do you dwell?” The inquiry is more than just about a residence. They wonder about the context of his life. They want to know him. Over the next few years, they do come to know Jesus as a person: his values, pursuits, wisdom, the matrix of his life’s mission. They learn of his identity and become identified with him. This is an appealing feature of valued relationships. From passing acquaintance, two discover the particular contexts of each other’s life. It takes genuine interest for this “more” to be revealed. Many family members, classmates, coworkers, or recipients of one’s care yearn to be recognized. Having been shown interest they eagerly share their “dwelling place,” that is themselves. In an era of fast communication, how satisfying it is to become known as a person.

By Ruth Feeney, OSB