Daily Meditation for January 4, 2024

The beginning of a new year is traditionally seen as a time for a new start on life—the time to commit oneself to eating healthy, getting organized, and bringing about world peace. If you made New Year’s resolutions, how are you doing four days in? The Benedictine tradition has “New Year’s resolutions” built into everyday living with conversatio morum or ongoing/continuous conversion. For Benedictines, there is not one day to start anew, but every day is a chance at a fresh start. This conversion manifests itself not only in behaviors but also inwardly as hearts are transformed and become more united with God, others and all creation. Someone once asked a monk, “What do you do all day?” The monk’s reply: “We fall, and we get up. We fall, and we get up.” Whatever our circumstances, let us pray for the grace to continually get up and start anew each day.

By Catherine Duenne, OSB