Daily Meditation for January 3, 2024

We often speak of our lives as a journey … and “journey” often implies a destination. But recently, I received a new insight into the kind of journey one’s life might be. On a trip to California, a friend overheard a conversation between two men trying to establish some connection with one another. One asked the stranger next to him: “Going somewhere?” to which he got the surprising answer: “No.” After an embarrassing silence, the first man answered: “Yeah! I’ve been there. Now I’m going back!” Supposedly meaning: “I’m going back to nowhere.” Life may be a journey, although not necessarily one where we need to go anywhere! Perhaps we need to only go inward … deeper into the place where we are, to the center of our own being where God awaits, forever looking upon us in love as we try to find our way HOME!

By Renée Domeier, OSB