Daily Meditation for December 22, 2023

Reminiscing became a favorite part of the reunions an eighth-grade class had each year. Last year, Jason invited the class to his home the day after Christmas because he wondered how many remembered the meaning of the day. He got his third-grade class involved in a discussion about why God sent his Son to earth as a baby. The answer that made the most sense to him was that most people are attracted to babies. Tom wondered whose idea it was to ask Dr. Smith if the pharmacy had any extra Christmas cards that they could take to a home for disabled persons to help them write a message to someone. Patty eagerly reminded the class that Dr. Smith not only gave them special cards, but also provided postage stamps for mailing the cards. As they were leaving, Jason’s mom heard quiet Pete say with a smile, “I’ve got a great idea for next year!”

By Lois Wedl, OSB