Daily Meditation for December 21, 2023

Have you ever thought, as you read in the Bible or hear a Scripture read aloud about Jesus curing people or raising them to life, that nothing like that ever happens now? “Miracles are done only by or to very holy people. Nothing unusual, that I could call a miracle, ever happens to me.” I have a friend who tells me he experiences miracles nearly every day if he is aware and looking for them. For example: One morning he needed to get a message to another person. As he was walking down the hall, he “happened” to meet that very person. That was a miracle! Another example, several years ago, on an icy road, someone was going to pray with a friend who was ill. She ran into the ditch. While wondering what she would do, she said to God: “How can I go pray with Mary if I am here in the ditch?” Just then a school bus drove up, stopped, and pulled her out. She wasn’t in the ditch more than a few minutes. She thanked the bus driver and continued on her way. That was a miracle. There is a saying that “nothing happens by chance.” As you begin your day, perhaps ask God to help you be aware of His presence; He is with you always, and notice situations which you might consider little miracles. You might be surprised at the “little” miracles you experience. And then be sure to thank God for helping you. Blessings on your day.

By Ruth Anne Schneider, OSB