Daily Meditation for December 19, 2023

“Thank you” are two simple but sacred words which convey gratitude. One can express them vocally or through the written word. One can also express gratitude through an awareness of the gift of life itself and through all of the gifts which surround us. One’s wholehearted presence to another and to all of creation can express gratitude. A heart that is wrapped in gratitude is a heart that is indeed holy. It receives all of life as a gift and is quick to respond its “Thank you.” It is a heart that is grateful for even the smallest gifts and is quick to respond with a verbal “Thank you” or one that is written in a simple little card and sent through the mail. What a delight it is to receive a piece of personal mail which holds someone’s grateful sentiments. Thus let “Thank you” be our life’s song!

By Kathy Rademacher, OSB