Daily Meditation for December 15, 2023

Robert Frost says, “In all the world, there’s nothing like the sound of falling snow. The sound that’s not a sound at all—but is quiet, soft, clear and comforts all the sleepy souls who sit and watch and hear.” Living in Mini-snow-ta, we know all too well that the sight of falling snow means lots of inconveniences and added work. Snow mainly symbolizes uniqueness. No two snowflakes are exactly alike. Snowflakes mirror the uniqueness of each of us, our individual beauty and worth. It is estimated that approximately one million billion snowflakes fall to the earth every second. They fall at about 1.5 miles per hour depending on their size, the largest being the size of a penny. The individual snowflake takes about an hour to reach the ground. Oh, the magic of falling snow. Robert Frost says, “If you go out when it is snowing and look up at the sky, you’ll feel lots of icy kisses as the snowflakes flutter by.”

By Marlene Meierhofer, OSB