Daily Meditation is December 7, 2023

Dorothy Day is quoted as saying, “If you have two coats, you have stolen one from the poor.” Stolen? Wow! Strong words calling us to look at our actions and belongings. What in my closets, drawers and cabinets am I holding on to that could be used by someone else or serve a better purpose? Things accumulate. Cleaning out is necessary to free ourselves not only from the physical items, but to free our souls and minds as well. One method is to take everything out of a bedroom closet or kitchen drawer. As the item is needed, put it back into the closet or drawer. After a few months, it will be evident as to what is needed and what could be used by someone else. May Dorothy Day inspire us to live more simply, freeing ourselves in mind, body and spirit, always mindful of the needs of others.

By Catherine Duenne, OSB