Daily Meditation for December 1, 2023

Two friends stand in wonder at the window as the first snowfall claims the barren ground. “Remember when…” launches a flood of childhood stories. Mom makes the family’s favorite dessert. Events of ordinary intimacy such as these bring presence and care into our daily lives. We feel known and significant. Our web of connections widens to people and purposes beyond those that hold us safe and, perhaps, stunted in growth. We feel energized to engage with and give care to others, nature and ourselves. We risk allowing our hearts to expand to bring new ideas, experiences and people into our personal world (Rule of Benedict, Prologue, 49). Touches of ordinary intimacy often tumble unnoticed into our lives daily. Yet they bring grace following upon grace—God’s love and nudges to help fulfill God’s dream for creation (John 1:14). How extraordinary!

By Mary Reuter, OSB