Daily Meditation for November 28, 2023

In this time of national and international turmoil, this may be a time to step back for a few moments of restful quiet. In this time of quiet, take a moment to focus on the need for peace: within ourselves, our homes and communities, reaching out to the nation and the world. Among the many prayers for peace, the Peace Prayer of St. Francis may be one of the more familiar ones. In addition to your offering of this prayer, let us in this quiet time be together be asking God to give us what we or others cannot achieve without this heavenly assistance.

“O God, from whom are all holy desires, right counsels, and just works, give to your people that peace which the world cannot give; that our hearts being devoted to the keeping of your commandments, and the fear of enemies being removed, our times, by your protection, may be peaceful.” (Prayer from the Votive Mass for Peace)

By Philip Zimmer, OSB