Daily Meditation for November 24, 2023

On Thanksgiving, Jack remembered a story shared by a member of a hunting expedition in Africa who left camp early one morning. After hiking several miles into the jungle, he bagged two wild turkeys. As he returned to camp, he sensed he was being followed. Realizing it was only a naked half-starved young boy, he quickly unbuckled his belt, letting the turkeys fall to the ground. Although he motioned to the boy to come, he refused to pick them up. After trying with signs to get him to take the birds, the boy stood waiting with outstretched arms and open hands. It suddenly dawned on him to place the birds into his hands. Despite his hunger, the youth had refused to touch the birds until they were given to him. The spirituality of the Eucharist likewise invites us to realize that all is gift as we open our hands to receive Christ.

By Lois Wedl, OSB