Daily Meditation for November 23, 2023

What a beautiful world we live in. In the fall season, it seems everywhere one looks there is beauty. The trees, in many states of the United States, nearly take your breath away. The contrasting red, yellow, green and orange make a joy ride exhilarating. It brings to mind the line in Joyce Kilmer’s poem, “Trees”: “Only God can make a tree.” That is true especially for all the colored foliage we see in the fall of the year. Other beauty we see are the human beings, animals, sun and moon, stars, mountains, oceans, lakes. The list could go on endlessly. All are a sign of God’s wonderful love for each of us. You may want, today or tomorrow, to make a list of all (or some) of the things for which you are thankful to God.

By Ruth Anne Schneider, OSB