Daily Meditation for November 21, 2023

The stop sign halted my vehicle. I shifted my attention from talking and focusing on the road to five sandhill cranes to my right. Their gait moved them graciously up the bank from the ditch to the edge of the road. When the way seemed safe, they walked to the other side. Their long spindly legs pushed their bodies forward while their necks extended forward and backward, balancing their bodies and movements. The cranes walked with the elegant stride of a ballet dancer. Various cultures see spiritual significance connected with cranes.* Many relate to balancing, gracefulness, ease and beauty. We ourselves can sense a flow of movement that carries a crane’s purpose and resoluteness. I’m wondering: “Might I be a crane of graceful effects—from within and my words and actions—for people around me? How might I become more open to receive such influences from others? What might a crane teach me?”

*An example of symbolism from a Native American culture.

By Mary Reuter, OSB