Daily Meditation for November 20, 2023

Pope Francis recently stated that that the earth is our sibling. Thus each animal and plant can claim our relationship and we can claim theirs. Focusing on trees as our siblings, they teach us the gentle art of letting go, of being interconnected, of not being a “Lone Ranger.” Their roots intertwine with those of other trees in the dark recesses of the earth. They allow their outstretched arms to grow apart to allow space for the warmth and light of the sun to caress our faces. Trees are home to many birds and animals. Our insect siblings find a home in the trees’ dark crusty bark. The playful antics of young children delight in the creation of a treehouse. The God of surprises now creates a season where trees with brilliant colors cause us to stand in wonder and awe. Thus we welcome the earth as our sibling.

By Kathy Rademacher, OSB