Daily Meditation for November 14, 2023

In Matthew’s Gospel (21:10–27), we have a classic case, seen often in our day as who helps with the parish projects. Jesus gives the example of a father who has two sons. A few more workers are needed for the grape harvest. So he asked the first son to help. The son says no, but eventually did go out to work. The second son gives his dad the thumbs up with “Yes sir, I’ll go,” but he never goes. Then Jesus asks, “Who did the father’s bidding?” So what is the FATHER’S bidding for us today? A job in the grape arbor might be a lot easier than all the jobs the FATHER is working on in our parish today! We’ve all heard the response of those who just can’t help, and we’ve heard those who talk loudly but never show up! Let’s pray for each other that we consider our own time and talents and maybe join in saying, “Here I am, how can I help?”

By Judy Kramer, OSB