Daily Meditation for November 8, 2023

Garden tools have been stored for the season. Harvesting, albeit laborious, was satisfying for its bounty. In recent weeks, nature has been in transition. Bright foliage has yielded to compost. Critters have receded to warmer shelter. We have been in transition as well. Shorter days have drawn most activities inside. Outside work has primarily moved indoors. So has play and social engagements. With all this shifting inward, one wonders if there are transitional tasks for our inner lives during this change of season. This is the work of spirituality and relational growth. Perhaps, aware of so much together time during the winter, we may consider what eases life in common and expands its mutual enjoyment. The “tools” for sharing life with pleasure and purpose are never put away. Anticipating needs, providing for both personal time and group involvements, and channeling energy well can make even winter a growing season.

By Ruth Feeney, OSB