Daily Meditation for October 27, 2023

“If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.”  These words from the Psalm call us to listen for God’s voice in our everyday life.  Where do we hear that voice?  We hear it in scripture, when we listen to the readings at Mass.  Each of the readings challenge us to follow Jesus as he tells us about the kingdom of God through stories of people like ourselves.  We hear it in prayer, when we take time to listen and not just keep talking.  We hear it in the people around us, family friends and people in the community where we live.  We hear it in our family.  It may be the words of a child encouraging us to help someone.  It may be in the frustration that we feel in times of conflict.  What is God saying to us in each of these ways.  His primary message is, “I love you and I want you to love others.”

By Betty Larson, OSB