Daily Meditation for October 24, 2023

Author Tillie Olsen once said: “It is distraction, not meditation, that becomes habitual; interruption, not continuity; spasmodic, not constant toil.”  Is that the way it is with you, too, on this journey called life?  How do we begin to so live that an initially judged distraction could be seen as an attraction that we wouldn’t want to miss? Or a so-called interruption could be seen as an opportunity to rest awhile or notice Jesus in the face of a child, a hungry brother at our door or even the aftermath of a hurricane?  The waiting and preparation for it to happen is interminable; the decision to evacuate or not, un-stabilizing to say the least; the experience itself, devastating; and the aftermath, unthinkable.  Mary Oliver puts it this way: “God, once He is in your heart, is everywhere.” Is God in our hearts? And in the ‘eye of the storm’ as well?

By Renee Domeier, OSB