Daily Meditation for October 19, 2023

Do you think God has a favorite color?  Perhaps it is blue. Consider the huge blue dome of the heavens with its reflection on the planet’s bodies of water: massive oceans and seas, lakes of many sizes, rivers, creeks, ponds, and other gatherings of water in various proportions.  Wait, what about the color green?  We see blue being reflected in a horizontal manner.  In contrast there are the massive green verticals in the world’s rain forests, world-wide woodlands, trees and bushes wherever favorable climates nurture them.  Green appears in other shapes and forms through other actions of photosynthesis, down to the tiniest green emergence of a blade of grass.  Then what does God do, but intersperse this blue and green with countless colors of floral  designs, beautifying by contrast the periphery of the blues and greens.  Perhaps God doesn’t have a favorite color after all!

By Philip Zimmer, OSB