Daily Meditation for October 17, 2023

During a discussion on ways of praying, Sheryl shared that she learned one of her favorite ways of praying from her five-year-old nephew, Tim, at a party at her parents’ lakeside home.  She knew she’d have to be gone from the gathering for an hour or so because a friend wanted to take her to the wake of his father.  As she was leaving, little Tim who was seated at the back side of the table softly called her name. In response to her asking what he wanted, he just motioned for her to come to him. When she asked again what he wanted, he just patted the bench and smiling said, “Nothing; just sit next to me.”   As she reflected on this experience, she wondered how many times God wants nothing more than that we just sit next to Him.  What do you think?

By Lois Wedl, OSB