Daily Meditation for October 10, 2023

Among the many OT stories we read/hear, the story of Jonah’s mission to Nineveh is highly dramatic and awesome. What great evil have Nineveh’s citizens done to bring God’s wrath down on them—even to threat of destruction? Jonah goes through the city, warning of dire punishment to come, unless the people repent. And they do so quickly, from top to bottom. The king decrees and sets the model and everyone obeys. There is, seemingly, total repentance by all the people. Their outward signs of penance mirror an interior willingness to amend their ways. And God relents, granting forgiveness. Who is without sin? Yet, we often fail to acknowledge our sinfulness, perhaps lacking the humility to face our failings. Like the citizens of Nineveh, however, we can and must repent of wrongdoing—whether big or small. Our God is forever merciful, never lacking in forgiveness.

By Carol Berg, OSB

Photo: Moody Publishers on FreeBibleimages.org