Daily Meditation for May 30, 2023

“If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.” Where will you hear God’s voice today? It may be in the silence of a prayer time—when you are very attentive to the Word of God. It may be in the cry of a small child, the smile of a grandparent, or words spoken to you by a friend! How will those who meet you hear God’s voice? Will it be a kind invitation to share a meal, or a word of encouragement when the person has just received some bad news? It may be your nonverbal gentleness and compassion reaching out to someone in need. This week, be aware of the messages you give to others, the messages you receive from others, and also the messages you give yourself. Are you aware of how much you are loved and how lovable you are? Listen!

by a Sister of St. Benedict