Daily Meditation for May 25, 2023

Children are looking forward to summer vacation and will have many more hours to add vitality to the house. The Bible tells us about how Jesus enjoyed the presence of children. In this story it was evening. Jesus had been hard at work, teaching, preaching and healing all day. He sat down heavily and kicked off his sandals. Just then he heard running feet, laughter, and squealing, as a group of little kids came to share the moment. Jesus must have been an attractive, fun, person to play with. Two apostles got up to chase them away, but Jesus told them to let the children stay with him…for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. At the end of your long day, as you sink into your recliner, you may hear thundering sneakers and high little voices saying, “Tell me a story,” or “Let’s play horse,” or “Can I have $10?” Remember to enjoy the kingdom of heaven that is dancing around you.

By Mary Jackle, OSB