Daily Meditation for May 22, 2023

The month of May has its share of performance awards. Trophies recognize athletic achievement. Certificates honor academic excellence. Being asked to be the baccalaureate speaker lifts a senior’s reputation as prized among classmates. Beyond recognition for reputable initiatives, every honor acclaims the whole person including integrated values and extraordinary service. However, some students move on without being noticed. They know that they’ve given what it takes and have dreams yet to be realized. Still, they have consistently shown kind consideration of others. They are known to be fair and to rally for others. Their personal initiative in volunteering may not be showy, but it’s been remarkable. Perhaps this a good time to affirm such individuals. They don’t need to be put in the limelight, but they can be acknowledged personally. The possibilities for showing due respect and gratitude are endless. Praise goes a long way in encouraging good actions to continue.

By Ruth Feeney, OSB