Daily Meditation for May 19, 2023

May is a time of change for many people. Graduating students and newly married couples are forming different lives. Our animal neighbors also establish themselves for the summer. Many birds are secretive, concealing their nests, although robins may treat us to witness the nesting, hatching and fledging of their young. They often nest in lower areas where one can view this process, and while enjoying these vibrant harbingers of spring, the emergence of other animals gains attention. We witness young squirrels scampering near their nest among the upper branches of a tree. Down below, watch for chipmunks scampering underfoot looking for a nearby morsel. The bunnies are visible only after leaving their concealed nests, to venture out on their own. Deer are accompanied by their beautiful fawns. Tadpoles and minnows flourish in shallow water on the lakeshore. Blessings to all the creatures who share the earth with us!

By Philip Zimmer, OSB