Daily Meditation for May 15, 2023

Yesterday we celebrated our annual Mothers’ Day. Having a special day to honor mothers is part of every major culture, which indicates the important role that mothers play in our world. Having a good mother is often the gift that carries us through the difficult times of life, no matter what age we are. Mothers are usually our first teachers and a mother’s love is often the source of a child’s self-confidence. Mothers are often role models, compassionate forgivers, and peacemakers. They also serve as healers—healers of wounded knees and wounded hearts. Besides our birthmothers, many of us have experienced the care and wisdom of a godmother, a grandmother, a foster or adopted mother, a special aunt or family friend who mothered us in times of need. Being a mother is a bold, heroic and daring adventure. Let us be grateful for all who have taken on that challenge!

By Mary Weidner, OSB