Daily Meditation for May 11, 2023

In the post-Resurrection appearances, the Lord promises to stay with us always. Through the Spirit, Jesus is ever near. Feeling independent at 12, I insisted that I could take care of my two younger sisters at home while my parents shopped. We had lunch, I swept the kitchen when my youngest sister came screaming into the house that Carol had fallen out of the swing, hit her head, and “wouldn’t get up.” I ran outside to find Carol lifeless on the ground. I called 911, delivered my youngest sister to my brother’s safe-keeping, and climbed into the ambulance with Carol. I held her hand, prayed, and tried to keep her awake as the siren screamed. Tests indicated a slight concussion. The hospital staff praised my rapid mature actions but, when I finally saw my parents coming down the hall, I dissolved in tears. One can be brave only so long! That’s why Jesus keeps assuring us that He is ever near.

By Judy Kramer, OSB