Catholic Native Boarding School Accountability and Healing Project Publishes List of Catholic-Operated Native American Boarding Schools

On Tuesday, May 9, the Catholic Native Boarding School Accountability and Healing Project (AHP) published a list of Catholic-operated Native American boarding schools on a newly constructed website. A press release states that the list “offers details about 87 Catholic-run Native boarding schools across 22 states. It includes the name(s) of each school, the location, the dates of operation, the Catholic diocese(s) in which it operated, the tribal nations impacted (as listed in historical documents), and the religious order(s) that ran and/or staffed each school.” The project is hosted by Archivists for Congregations of Women Religious and will be updated annually.

The Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict have formally acknowledged and apologized for their role in the injustice of the federal government’s forced Assimilation of Native Americans, particularly the White Earth Nation. It is our hope that through awareness, education, conversation, and a collaborative repatriation process, we can move forward together.