Daily Meditation for May 9, 2023

Luscious in its beauty and in the hope of warmer and longer days, May is a month of new life, renewed spirits and itchy eyes for those with allergies. Over the centuries, celebrating May Day has been special to pagans, factory workers and boaters in distress. Actually, boaters in distress use “Mayday” as a call to “come help me.” They are drawing from a French word that has been anglicized. Given all the ways May has been celebrated invites us to ask if there is someone to whom I could give the new life of flowers in the traditional May basket. Might there be a worker to whom I could give thanks? Or is there some call for help from a neighbor or family member that I might answer? Any of these tasks would bring joy and renewed life to someone and is a great way to celebrate this month of beauty, warmth and extended daylight.

By Michaela Hedican, OSB