Daily Meditation for May 5, 2023

On April 22, our community honored six sisters who celebrated 75 years as Benedictine sisters and four sisters celebrating 60 years. What a grand celebration we had! These 10 sisters have been and are so dedicated to the monastic way of life and are a real inspiration to us. Each of them has rich stories of faithful service to the community, to the church, and to the world. Most likely all of us have been and are deeply affected by the lives and example of our parents, grandparents and significant elders. Reflecting on their example and the lessons they teach us can greatly affect the way we live. How fortunate we are to have elders living among us who bring wisdom and a dimension of love and caring. And if anyone has a significant elder who needs your care, you know well they are great teachers of the meaning of life. So today, let’s celebrate the elders among us.

By Marlene Meierhofer, OSB