Daily Meditation for May 4, 2023

As summer approaches, amateur and seasoned gardeners are usually quite excited about their gardens. They are busy selecting a variety of garden seeds and have been planting with hopeful enthusiasm and expectation. They anticipate having a bumper crop of fruits and vegetables. They are already imagining which ones they will want to share with their neighbors and friends and which ones they will be taking to the local Farmer’s Market. For those of us who are not avid gardeners but are interested in planting, we may want to pause and ask ourselves what other kinds of seeds can we plant? Perhaps we are busy planting and cultivating seeds of peace, patience, generosity, compassion and joy; or seeds of envy, rash judgment or discord. What kinds of seeds will I plant today in my mind and heart? What sort of harvest will I reap in the weeks ahead?

By Joyce Iten, OSB