Daily Meditation for May 1, 2023

Curiosity and a spirit of adventure are among the most prized qualities seeded into humans by God. Great telescopes reach the farthest star on the edge of our solar system, and rockets powerful enough to carry humans to Mars and beyond are poised on the launchpad. This restless quest for what is beyond is admirable—unless it entices us to turn our backs on this Earth. We might consider Earth too mundane, worn out and damaged to be exciting. Or maybe we assume that we now all there is to know about Earth and her creatures. But people as curious and adventuresome as those following the pull of the stars frequently find new species of plants and animals, either recently evolved or never noticed before. Other explorers, aided by technology, are discovering the sensual abilities of animals that we humans can barely imagine. In many ways, the Earth is still an unknown planet, waiting to be discovered.

By Mara Faulkner, OSB