Daily Meditation for April 28, 2023

A story with a lesson: Once there was a queen who found a way to free her beloved husband from an enemy king’s prison. Disguising herself as a male troubadour, the queen traveled to the prison and played her flute most beautifully in the court of the enemy king. Upon hearing her music, the enemy king was so moved that one day he promised he would grant her any wish. She wished to choose a prisoner who could be freed to accompany her in her travels. Her wish was granted. Still in disguise, the queen chose her husband who left the country with her. Nearing his own home, the king complained to the disguised troubadour about his unfaithful and ungrateful wife who hadn’t bothered to come to his rescue. Removing her disguise, the king immediately recognized his wife and was overcome with gratitude and love. Such and more are God’s love and faithfulness for us.

By Joyce Iten, OSB