Daily Meditation for April 24, 2023

“The idyllic charm of our northern woods is seen in April when it is all a feast of birds and buds and wakening life. This month belongs to the birds, most of all to the Robin. Sitting high in the treetops and splitting their throats with their rain—carol, singing in jubilance at being back again, glad to find once more the corner of the earth that they were born in, and trolling forth such lusty music that all their pertness and swagger and pilfering of a later date is forgiven in advance. Of all the birds of springtime I would like best to be the Robin just getting back to his old home: for it is brave and blithe and bonny that he is, and he is April to all of us in the far north.”

Adapted from The Penobscot Man by Fannie Hardy Eckstorm