Daily Meditation for April 20, 2023

Some people do not communicate clearly. There are many reasons for this of course: speech impediment, diminished sense of self-worth, inability to find the right way of saying something—the list continues. The reality is, however, that most people addressing another want to be understood. Sometimes the difficulty arises with the recipient of the communication. A lack of interest impedes good listening as does prejudice, bias, or being on the run and having little time for one another. We know the joy of speaking with one who wants to be with us and hear what we have to say. It seems that nature invites that quality of sharing when temperatures bid us to come outdoors. There is nothing like a leisurely walk with intent interest in both landscape and in the other person. Spring invites us to take off heavy jackets and habits restraining spirited communication. How much clearer is communication when it is given welcome leisure! Come on outside. Enjoy one another!

By Ruth Feeney, OSB