Daily Meditation for April 19, 2023

“The heavens are telling the glory of God, and all creation is shouting for joy. Come dance in the forest, come play in the fields, and sing, sing to the Glory of the Lord.” This quotation from the hymn by Marty Haugen seems to encapsulate the beauty and wonders of spring. While not everyone can dance in the forest and play in the fields, one can bask and appreciate the wonders of spring. There’s the flow of sap, inviting those trees to open their buds awakening blossoms and new leaves. Other spring plants arrive at various times, appearing with their varied beautiful flowers that brighten the once-white landscape. We appreciate the beauty of the bluebirds, arriving so early that at times they make a sharp contrast against some remaining snow. These early messengers of spring, and those you may add to the list, show that “Spring is busting out all over.”

By Philip Zimmer, OSB