Daily Meditation for April 13, 2023

Some post-Easter musing: Sharing food is a profound sign of friendship, forgiveness and good will. At the Last Supper, Jesus offered Judas one last chance to repent, to change. John’s Gospel (13:26–28) relates that even though Jesus knew that Judas had the treacherous plan to betray him already in place, Judas was invited to the last supper and ate with the others that sacred evening. Jesus used that meaningful meal to personally “share a morsel of food” which he had dipped in the ceremonial sauce as a final invitation to Judas to repent, to change, to turn back from his plan. As a final insult, Judas actually accepted and ate the appetizer and since “Satan had already entered in,” Judas left hurriedly and disappeared into the night…and indeed it was dark!  Do we recognize gestures to change, to make amends, to invite or forgive? Could a family meal or celebration be an invitation to mend a tattered relationship?

By Judy Kramer, OSB