Daily Meditation for April 11, 2023

For years, we sisters have been writing these short reflections, and we sometimes wonder who listens to them on the radio or reads them as they appear on our Saint Benedict’s Monastery website. Many people write to our community and ask for prayers and remembrances of those they love and care about. We take this all very seriously and believe that our life and our prayer, together with yours, make a difference in the lives of these individuals, and in yours and ours. We believe the psalmist when he promises that “God hears the cry of the poor.” We, like the people we pray for, ARE the poor—those who depend on God’s mercy and care. But our prayer is incomplete if we fail to join our voices with the people of Ukraine, Turkey, Syria and California—the millions and millions—who suffer and die daily because of natural disasters, war and starvation.

By Christian Morris, OSB