Daily Meditation for April 6, 2023

Once again we celebrate the great feast of Holy Thursday. Sharing a meal with family and/or friends is a unifying, satisfying and gracious way to show love and trust for one another. Such a gathering can feed both body and soul. At this last meal with His apostles, Jesus shared bread and wine, sanctifying them beyond their outward appearance. He gave “a new commandment: love one another as I have loved you.” This love was to be shown not merely in words but in service. Washing His apostles’ feet, Jesus gave a service over and above what was expected of Him. He was host and servant at this special meal. As His followers, we are to feed and serve one another. How do we do this? We tend to the homeless, the hungry, the sick, the lonely, the disturbed all around us. We fill their needs.

By Carol Berg, OSB