Daily Meditation for March 30, 2023

“Go fly a kite.” We may have heard or used this expression sometime in our lives. Our first response may have been that sounds rather rude and someone better leave the situation. “Let’s go fly a kite” puts a positive swing to the statement. As the winds show their power, it may be the perfect time to bring that kite to a favorite surrounding and let it fly freely. Oh yes, it needs some control, some restraints, some direction. However, there is still some ability to move within these restrictions, providing pleasure to the persons observing its movement. Sometimes the wind of God’s spirit is abundant, sometimes quieter. Do I let myself move freely with that movement? Oh yes, there may be restrictions; however, if I let myself open to the moment, I may find myself in a place of beauty never experienced before. May God open our eyes to see the abundance of his beauty!

By Michon Lanners, OSB