Daily Meditation for March 28, 2023

Social institutions during this time of 21st century are experiencing an anti-institutional bias in our culture at large. Whether it is the medical, educational, religious, or political institution, there is widespread distrust and disillusionment. We as ordinary humans nevertheless need to work to preserve a unity for the sake of the human person at the center of life. Despite the growing fear in the hearts of many persons, the capacity for trust and goodness is preached from the heart of all major religions, major faiths. For this trust to begin to surface and support our society, we need to break down tribal walls and begin what Pope Francis appeals for—a “culture of encounter.” He encourages us to engage with love and care those with whom we seem different or even disagree. Pope Francis is a firm believer in the presence of a Good Spirit in all persons, especially in those who are marginalized or left behind. If we listen, we can begin to hear something that brings us together.

By Josue Behnen, OSB