Daily Meditation for March 24, 2023

“That’s what my mother would always say, too.” Jane was referring to her mom’s answer of “Just be nice to each other” when her family asked what she wanted for her birthday. Researcher Brené  Brown shared in Atlas of the Heart that one of the most valuable lessons she learned from her mother was never to look away from pain. When someone is hurting, look the person in the eye rather than look down because people need to know they are not alone, especially when they are hurting. Maybe if more people knew this, Sophie, a basketball player, wouldn’t have needed to pose this question after a tough loss: “Why is it that when we win, everyone comes and hugs us, but when we lose and are feeling down, people just walk away or at least keep their distance? I know that this is when we need them the most.”

By Lois Wedl, OSB