Daily Meditation for March 15, 2023

Each year, Christians set aside time before Easter to remind us that we are to walk the Paschal Mystery of dying to self so that we can rise with Christ, turning away from sin and toward God. “God, shape my heart. Creator, steady my spirit” (Psalm 51). This may be a good prayer for our Lenten Journey as we try to grow in love of God and love our neighbor as we love our self. We discipline ourselves by making resolutions that help us to do that. One way to decide how we might walk this path is to think about being Well of Body, Wise of Mind, and Whole of Spirit. For example, being faithful to exercising every day; studying scripture so that we better understand the Bible; and praying for our world, our church, or for people who have no one to love them and pray for them.

By a Benedictine Sister