Daily Meditation for March 14, 2023

In the days just before Lent, the scriptures have given us the powerful message of how we are to live as Christians: first of all, to tend to our personal relationship with God who so loves us no matter what. We have had strong messages on how we are to care for one another and do the work that Jesus would do today with the forgotten, the lonely, the misunderstood, the needy, the cranky, the unhappy, and the grieving among us. Then, we are to look further with concern seeking facts and compassion for our complicated, fractured world, to note how justice and respect are trampled upon so that we can stand with God’s Son, to beg forgiveness for so many of us do not know what we are doing to humanity and the earth. Logically, that knowledge and compassion will move us to some action during the precious days of Lent.

By Judy Kramer, OSB