Daily Meditation for March 7, 2023

Throughout our lives, most of us struggle with the “why” of suffering. It is a mystery that is hard to fathom and may never be fully understood this side of eternity. In our efforts to find an answer to suffering, we can turn to the Bible. Here we may not find the exact “why” of suffering, but a profound model of “how” to suffer. Jesus is our companion and example in every type of human suffering we might encounter. He was misunderstood by almost everybody—the apostles, the religious leaders of his time, the government, even his friends and family. He experienced fear, physical punishment, humiliation beyond our imagination, abandonment, and loneliness. The suffering Jesus is our answer to how to accept our pains and trials and stay connected to the God who loves us unconditionally. Let us always reach out to Jesus in prayer, hope and love.

By a Sister of St. Benedict