Daily Meditation for March 3, 2023

Jane “taught” her sixth-grade classmates during recess. They sat on the street curb. She asked questions and drilled arithmetic numbers. Jane knew the answers; she was right; she taught what she knew. She was in control. Little did Jane realize how much her life and that of all of us is a school where one can learn through experiences. For example, we know some answers but not all. We are not in full control. Our questions and vulnerability draw us to take steps to learn. We study. We open ourselves to experiences. We struggle through some. We learn in the school of life. St. Benedict* is a teacher. He calls the monastery a “school for the Lord’s service” (RB Prol. 14). He offers a guide for monastics and all who are seeking God. We might ask: What are we learning through our daily assignments? What lessons are we teaching through our everyday lives?

*St. Benedict’s feast day is March 21.

By Mary Reuter, OSB