Daily Meditation for February 24, 2023

When snow is deep and winds blow, most of us hunker down with a good book for a few days. But this year’s blizzards have left a good number of persons stranded, unable to get home. These experiences remind us of what was called the “Children’s Blizzard” of January 12, 1988, when a surprise storm system went through most of the Midwest all the way south to Texas and caught children on their way home from school. Many never made it home. Today, it is unusual for this kind of disaster to happen in the United States. But for those who have lost loved ones during this storm season, it is a tragedy. Now many countries suffer from serious events resulting from manmade global warming. What can I do as on a small scale, to deter further global warming? What can I do to preserve our mother earth for future generations? Anything is better than nothing.

By Josue Behnen, OSB